Rosie Reviews Cheap Wine: Lindeman’s Bin 45

I bought this wine quickly whilst on my way home from visiting my parents in Surrey. The owner was doing a stocktake and his chiller was broken; the ideal circumstances I felt to discover the limited variety of wines you might be able to find at your local newsagent. By twist of fate, the man[…]


I graduated from Leiths! I did Food Lovers Live! It’s now available to view and you should totally do that.  Here it is… Please note the sassy hand signals. This is why people tell you to sit on your hands during interviews.     How exciting, right?? I posted it on my Facebook the other[…]

Carbonara for the Lazy

So at school I have been shoving information into my brain in the same way you lie on top of a suitcase and desperately try to zip the damn thing shut after filling it with your entire wardrobe. But in my case (lol pun) the excess clothing/shoes/liquids above 100ml come in the form of cookery jargon. Take a[…]

Butternut Squash Macaroni Cheese

Happy 2015! I’m kicking the year off with a recipe that ticks a lot of boxes. Resolved to eat less meat this year? Tick. Resolved to cook more? Tick. Refusing to make any resolutions? Tick.  Over the past few months I have been slowwwwly introducing dairy back into my diet. It’s been fun. So far,[…]

Gin & Tonic Sorbet

Morning! Hope you all had a pleasant Halloween weekend. I personally, am not a Halloween person. Skimpy costumes, forcing the feeling of fear upon yourself and treading on the toes of what was once an important religious day just feels a bit odd and I would rather not.  Another reason that lead me to skip the[…]

Pre-Lash Pasta Bake

So, contrary to popular belief, Rosie’s Salad Days has not been abandoned. Good news, oui? Basically, I managed to get myself a job at the Duck & Waffle. I picked several kilos of watercress, gazed out of the 40th floor window, stretched my learning capacity to lengths I never imagined it could get to and ate[…]

Vegetarian Quaesadillas

Isn’t lunch a tricky meal? I mean, you’re after something relatively quick so you can get back to whatever you were doing before lunch, maybe some whole grain action so you’re not hungry again an hour later but nothing too filling so you’re not lying on the floor food coma style for the next two[…]