I graduated from Leiths! I did Food Lovers Live! It’s now available to view and you should totally do that. 

Here it is… Please note the sassy hand signals. This is why people tell you to sit on your hands during interviews.



How exciting, right?? I posted it on my Facebook the other day and people were really nice about it and that was nice. 


So from here I’ve got a few things lined up. You can visit my new gallery page to have a peek at my food styling and photography that I’ve been up to. (If you work as a food stylist or photographer and you need an assistant, here’s my contact form…) I’ve got a restaurant review in the works (hint: it’s going to be a hella tongue in cheek troll review of a notoriously poor chain. Sorry if you wanted something fancy but do you think I have £ for Michelin/rosette restaurants? I don’t). 


Catch up soon! I’m working bar at Lords this week. Gotta get the coin.

Rosie xxx


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  • Rosebud what an amazing future you have ahead of you, well done . Have now tried your recipe simply great, am now waiting for the next one.

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